I am interested in the physical world of weather and the quality of light, in the intersections of land, water, and sky, in how colors meet and influence each other, and in paint. My landscape paintings often start with small work done on site in the landscape; I may make several sketches from the same viewpoint. In the studio, I often use the small paintings as reference points for larger work. My interest and desire are to retain the emotional and physical link to a specific landscape, but to distill details of place, time, weather and light into simplified color compositions that evoke connection to a recognizable world.



I am a professional artist, formerly based in Ann Arbor MI and living in Massachusetts since 2016. After painting and loving the Great Lakes for most of my life, I am very happy to now be able to study the rocky coastline and crashing waves of the East Coast.

My work is in included in public and private collections nationwide and in Canada. I have a degree in painting from the University of Michigan School of Art, and have attended post-graduate trainings and seminars in England and the U.S.

I like hiking, animals, and being outdoors in all weathers, and I like putting paint on paper or canvas and seeing what will happen.



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Cecily Donnelly